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Orphan Black's Clone Club has a new member for Season Two. Who else will Tatiana Maslany be playing in the coming season? And what secrets does the poster for Season Two hold? Spoilers ahead.


Courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, we learn that our newest clone is Jennifer Fitzsimmons, a 28-year old teacher and swim coach, and, like Katja and Cosima, she's suffering from a respiratory illness. She doesn't know she's a clone, but she's already being treated by Dyad, and Cosima comes across her video diaries while researching her own ailment. We can see why Cosima is rattled by the diaries:

BBC America has also released the Season Two poster online, and it is ripe for speculation. Cosima has her picture in Dyad's materials! Paul is standing behind Rachel with Leekie off to the side! Felix and Alison are a power pair (with Aynsley's disposal-torn scarf beneath Alison's prim pumps)! Siobhan has a shot gun! Kira's over on the Dyad side—and she hasn't forgotten poor Helena! Why is Art staring at his badge, and why is Sarah's apparent new beau hanging out in the shadows? Why is Season Two still more than a month away?

'Orphan Black': Meet the new clone! [EW]


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