Maisie Williams’ Cammie, from Gen:Lock.
Gif: Rooster Teeth

Including a hacker played by Maisie Williams.

In the new teaser for Rooster Teeth’s Gen:Lock, David Tennant’s Doc is looking for new recruits. In the war for survival, anyone who can properly synchronize with one of the doctor’s machines seems to be a candidate, which means even the lowly cooks and illegal hackers of the world are up for grabs.


That hacker, notably, named Cammie MacCloud, is voiced by Game of Thrones alum Maisie Williams. The casting was just announced at RTX London, where the teaser, below, was first screened. It’s below.

Gen:Lock, which also touts Michael B. Jordan among its impressive cast, is slated to premiere sometime in January 2019.

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