You've seen him around already, but now Alasdair Wilkins is officially wired into our collective cortex and has been given the designation "reporter." So who is this guy?

I'll let Alasdair tell you about himself (oddly in the third person):

Alasdair Wilkins can't really be considered new - he started out as an intern here at the start of 2009, and he just sort of hung around until his bosses broke down and offered him a full-time job. He will primarily be writing about science-related topics, which almost makes spending four years and an obscene amount of his parents' money getting a degree in History & Science and Archaeology seem vaguely worthwhile. When Alasdair isn't trying to convince you lovely people that he actually understands any of the science-y stuff he's writing about, he mostly busies himself with esoteric posts about why Isaac Asimov is the greatest writer ever, why UFO and Thunderbirds are totally awesome, and why Steven Moffat could totally make a multi-Doctor story work IF HE WOULD JUST LISTEN TO MY BRILLIANT IDEAS. (Sorry about that.) He is utterly incapable of taking a decent photo and so offers this ludicrous thing for your amusement and/or ridicule. (Although that tie is pretty snazzy.) He is, if it isn't yet clear, incredibly honored and grateful to be here.


And we're happy to have him! I like the way his hat hides all the brain surgery we did on him right before this picture was taken.