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Meet io9's first community editor, Ria Misra!

Illustration for article titled Meet io9s first community editor, Ria Misra!

Please welcome Ria Misra, io9's first community editor. She'll be fighting for the users, which means if you have questions or problems with comments, you can ask her. Plus, she'll be working on posts designed to showcase the brilliance and awesomeness of io9's commenter community.


Ria has written about farmers hacking agricultural equipment to deal with climate change for the NewsHour, exposed the not-so-seamy underbelly of the deep-fried world of state fair test kitchens for Modern Farmer, and chatted about braille banjo tablature for NPR's only all bluegrass and country music station. You may have have seen her other work on PBS, AOL's Politics Daily, The Daily, and Smithsonian magazine. During the past year, she's been working with a U.N. group to set up a digital community for scientists in India.

Before switching to writing, she worked in a rather odd antique shop, an almost always empty movie theater, and a Neuroscience lab. In her spare time, she enjoys looking at Hubble images, yoga, train trips, and the construction of needlessly elaborate snacks. When she's not here, you can find her on Twitter.


Ria is at your service to deal with (reasonable) questions or issues related to commenting and the world of io9 community. You can email her at

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Hi Ria, welcome aboard and may I be one of the first commentators to welcome you to the community that never whines (need sarcasm sign here). However, let me be the first to break from that long standing tradition of no whining to assign you your first Herculean task of replacing the current comment section with something more functional and friendly as the current one sucks sweaty testicles. Thank you, welcome aboard and have a nice day.