Meet io9 Associate Editor Meredith Woerner

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We've been looking for a great entertainment writer for io9 for quite a while, and we're pleased to announce that our search has ended at last — thanks to a search party we sent to the planet Endor. There we discovered Meredith Woerner, who was liberating Ewoks from the LucasArts toy development group. Meredith comes to io9 from Us Weekly, and will be reporting on scifi entertainment and pop culture in every form. You may recognize her name from some posts she wrote last weekend at Comic-Con. Find out about her scifi obsessions below.


Meredith says:

I grew up playing in a backyard AT-ST fort. When Lt. Yar died on Star Trek: TNG I cried and had nightmares with Armus in them for weeks. What followed was a borderline unhealthy obsession with George Romero, Clive Barker, Stephen King, Isaac Asimov and Ewoks. In my free time I take bets on who's marked for death on Lost and update the household's zombie contingency plan. Manhattan's island geography has presented quite a challenge (tunnels and bridges are out, obviously). I love Joss Whedon, Guillermo Del Toro, and anything Super. It's a personal goal to become a member of the Thriller zombies in NYC's Halloween parade.

Welcome, Meredith. Hope the brain implant is healing well.


Annalee Newitz

@moff: Well, seeing as Meredith is in New York and I am in San Francisco, I think the ice cream sandwich command will have to wait. Too much time wasted with planes and all. I'll make Charlie get me one instead. CHARLIE GET ME AN ICE CREAM SANDWICH.

[sounds of beating]

Oops, I mean Charlie, thank you for allowing me to bring you an ice cream sandwich.