Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Sheila.
Marianne Jean-Baptiste as Sheila.
Image: A24

A24's In Fabric tells a horrific story about a sentient dress that kills people, but the murderous garment isn’t the only evil the movie’s heroine Sheila (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) ends up having to face. While Sheila’s slow to realize how dangerous the dress is, she’s keenly aware of the threat that her two unsettling bosses pose to her livelihood.

Though Sheila’s very good at her job as a bank teller at Wangels, her superiors Stash (Julian Barratt) and Clive (Steve Oram) take a perverse delight in pulling her into uncomfortable meetings where they find reasons to question her productivity. Each of these meetings is a textbook example of the ways the idea of a workplace “cultural fit” is often used to justify discriminating against employees, but in this exclusive clip from the film, Stash and Clive’s reason for calling Sheila in is decidedly more sinister and messed up.

If and when your managers ever attempt to bully you into hanging out after hours or offer to get into some strange job-related role-play scenarios that have little to nothing to do with your actual job, it’s worth considering whether it might be time for a change of pace and scenery. For Sheila, leaving her job at Wangels isn’t really an option, but given the environment Stash and Clive have created, staying there isn’t exactly the most tenable thing, either.


In Fabric is in theaters now.

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