We've heard whispers about them. Their names have been murmured against a backdrop of destruction and terror. We've heard that they're the most scary-looking, disturbing monsters since the Weeping Angels. But now there's an photo of Doctor Who's new villains.

Click through to check it out — if you dare. Spoilers ahead...

We're referring, of course, to the Silence, the baddies who were responsible for blowing up the TARDIS and creating the crack that almost destroyed the universe last year. We've heard that they'll finally be showing themselves this season, and now here's our first look at them, via the Daily Mail. The British newspaper also explains just what the Silence's superpower is:

One of their special powers allows them to wipe the memory of humans, so anyone who sees them and then looks away will forget ever having seen them.

Doctor Who boss Steven Moffat, 47, created the new characters and wanted them to scarier than any other baddies that have been on the show to date.

He told the Express: ‘I think the idea is very cool. Imagine going downstairs and you can't remember if there was something upstairs.'


Their other superpower? Rocking a natty suit.

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