The new Incredible Hulk trailer is out, and it shows more of the origins of the military-created monster he has to fight in the movie's super-long final smackdown. It also shows more of Bruce on the run, and lots of mad science porn, including needles and stretchers.

Little Bruce Banner is on the run from military types dodging through jungles and little foreign towns. Emil Blonsky's (Tim Roth) personality steps into the frame with a lot of back and forth glares. Emil even goes as far to challenge Bruce in full Hulk mode and taunts, "is that it, is that all you got?" To which Hulk replies with a swift kick to to Emil's whole body. But the best is watching Emil volunteer to become the next "bio-force experiment," and getting a glimpse as his body turns. Looks like we'll all be in for some good fight scenes. And what would a superhero movie be without the soaking wet lady/clingy clothes scene which Betty Ross (Liv Tyler) gives on a rainy bridge.