Meet Admiral Adama's Dad

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Here's the man who gave William Adama his steely glare and raspy voice. The BSG prequel, Caprica, welcomes its newest cast member Esai Morales as Joseph Adama. (You may know him as the awesome Major Edward Beck from Jericho.) As we reported before, Joseph is a very troubled man with a dark past. More spoilery details about this character, after the jump.


While the Hollywood Reporter described Joseph as a, "deeply passionate man with a strong sense of justice, someone you wouldn't want as your enemy," we know him as the widowed father who lost both his wife and daughter in a suicide bombing. This DA with mob ties also agrees to help create a robot version of his lost daughter with the help of fellow bereaved father Daniel Graystone. I'm sure it will all only end in tears — cold cylon tears. [Hollywood Reporter]

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