Meet a Teleportation Chamber Full of New io9ers

Yes, it's time for us to get out the giant cranial stapler, dust off some slightly damaged brain implants (their surfaces may be scratched, but they still work great), and boot up a few new io9ers to help us in our quest for galactic domination. We've got a new contributor whose special power is reading books faster than a speeding bullet, and two new interns whose superpowers are about to manifest at any moment. Say hello to the new crop of io9ers, whose scalps are still a little bloody from those neuroboosts.


You may recognize Alex Carnevale's byline — he's been writing for us for a couple of weeks now, and he'll continue to be a regular contributor, writing about books and culture. Alex is originally from Mystic, CT. After graduating from Brown University in 2005, he received his MFA in Fiction Writing from The New School last year. The founder of This Recording, he lives and writes in New York City. His favorite book is Joe Haldeman's All My Sins Remembered.

Joining us as an intern is Elizabeth Weinbloom, who first discovered science fiction at four-years-old, when she broke the rule about Not Bothering Daddy During Star Trek and just had to know why the guy from Reading Rainbow was wearing that thing on his eyes. Since graduating from Harvard in 2007, Liz has been working hard at wiggling the foot she has jammed in the door of the children's television industry. Some day, she will write for Sesame Street. Or Doctor Who. For now, you may recognize her as the commenter Lizzie24601.


Katharine Duckett, who will also be an intern, says:

After scifi achievements like interning for Small Beer Press and playing the madame of a space brothel in a student production, I spent my senior year at Hampshire College writing a novel about zombies, cannibals, and genetically engineered minotaurs. I graduated last May and currently reside in Asheville, North Carolina, where I divide my time between writing, working, and wondering if Sarah Palin is actually the final Cylon.


Welcome Alex, Elizabeth, and Katharine — we hope those wee drill holes in your skulls will heal up nicely.

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