It's the season for starting new relationships, possibly involving things like snuggling or mind-melding or jumping into the Orgasmatron together. Why not look for a new friend or sweetie using io9's Dating Service?

It's so simple that it just might work. Visit the Dating Service page, and scroll through the personal ads. Or post your own!


To send somebody a private message, click on their name and go to their profile, and choose the "message" option. That's all you have to do!

Remember, all of us are sentient creatures, so don't post insulting or mean replies to people's personal ads. If you do, you will be permanently banned for being a complete jerk.

We love you all, and our precog team predicts you'll find more geek comaraderie in 2011. So why not set the inevitable in motion by checking out io9's Dating Service?

Heart illustration by Ansy.


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