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Meet a crafty fish who spends all day pretending to be sea grass

Meet the robust ghost pipefish (Solenostomus cyanopterus), a 15-centimeter-long creature found in the Indian and Western Pacific Oceans. As you can see in the above video, this fish camouflages itself face-down as sea grass when disturbed. What a thrilling existence!


And like its relations, those fabulous seahorses, this species is considered to be semi-monogamous. Diver Robert Suntay filmed these two robust ghost pipefish hanging low off of the coast of Indonesia. As explains of the experience:

We came upon this adult pair, the smaller is the male, first, out in the open, and then swimming near some vegetation in the predominantly mucky area that characterizes Secret Bay. Isn't the likeness to the sea vegetation remarkable? If you look closely at the larger one, you can see its mouth and eyes moving as it adopts its typical vertical, head downward orientation.


And for more fun with undersea mimicry, here's a video of two fighting robust ghost pipefish, which resemble two strands of sea grass whipping around in the current...

...and these incredible creatures engaging in some synchronized swimming.

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