My favorite medieval-ish reenactment organization, the Society for Creative Anachronism, has just moved into the Facebook age. And the conversation threads are pretty mesmerizing — especially a recent one on "the most interesting or most peculiar period food you've tried in the Society." For the uninitiated, the SCA puts on a lot of events that involve everything from dancing to sword-fighting (or stick fighting — whatever), and often these events include a "Feast" where the chefs attempt to recreate authentic medieval food. Which is the source of the goofy song you see above, about the horrors of trying to eat at an SCA Feast.

It's also why people in the SCA have eaten some seriously terrifying dishes. Here are just a smattering of the answers on Facebook: stuffed hamsters, squirrel pie, "rat on a stick," doormouse, camel, "fish jello," lampreys, reindeer, emu, "fish newtons," chihuahua (I'm having a hard time believing this one), and "blood soup."


Yep, the middle ages. Not such a good time for rodents, apparently. What's the most interesting or peculiar food you've ever eaten at a holiday dinner? It doesn't need to be a medieval reenactment dinner — any festive eating occasion will do.

Check out the SCA on Facebook, and get medieval.

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