There was a moment in last night’s episode of Gotham so goddamned ridiculous I was worried I was having a stroke. This is that moment.

Yes, that’s the Penguin and his former superior-turned-underling-turned-slave-turned-enemy-turned-rival crime boss-turned-partner shooting James Frain’s Azrael with a bazooka. In Bruce Wayne’s front yard. Why? It really doesn’t matter. What matters is this: Last night’s episode included a surprise first appearance by Killer Croc, what may be our first look at the super-evil secret-society known as the Court of Owls, and an undead man being shot at close range by a bazooka, and it was still one of Gotham’s duller episodes.

By the way, the music in this vid? Not added by the YouTuber. It’s 100% what was used in the episode. Yep.