Starcrossed, a comedy that takes you behind the scenes at the making of a science-fiction soap, may actually get its day on the small screen. Stargate's David Hewlett has some good news for fans.

When io9 interviewed Rodney McKay actor Hewlett, he mentioned his comedy project Starcrossed:

I have a sort of 30 Rock, behind-the-scenes-of-a-scifi show thing that I'm working on now, called Starcrossed, originally looking at developing it as a tv pilot but I think we're going to develop it as a film now, just to open it up for people. Basically we had a half-hour sitcom style thing.


We've been patiently waiting more news on this next project and finally Hewlett has twittered the good news:

SciFi/NBC Starcrossed conference call. Yes, after 2 years in development the plan is to shoot June or July...please be true this time!

Hooray, we wish you the best of luck. We've been feeling the lack of genuinely funny science fiction-themed comedy, so please make this one special. Interesting side note: Hewlett's movie A Dog's Breakfast, actually mentioned the Starcrossed series, and had a fake clip of the spoofed scifi soap staring Stargate Atlantis'Rachel Luttrell and Paul McGillion. See the clip above. I think it has potential to be really cute Galaxy Quest-esque series.


The full movie, where David Hewlett battles messes with his sister's new fiancé is on Hulu.