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The grown man who continues to identify as McG is in talks with Sony to direct the long, long, long in development Masters of the Universe movie. As io9's resident gonzo He-Man fan, I have long been of the opinion that no live-action movie can possibly live up to my unreasonably high expectations; it’s almost comforting to know that Sony isn’t even going to try.


I mean, McG? Come on. Deadline says Hollywood believes the property to have “Transformers potential”—i.e. a huge, on-going movie franchise; personally, I think He-Man is way too much of its time for that to be true, but I’m 100 percent certain it won’t be possible with McG at the helm. I don’t think he’s by any means the worst director in the world—although let’s remember he’s the one who gave us Terminator: Salvation—but he’s also not going to be the key to taking a problematically bizarre series like Masters of the Universe and turning it into something mass audiences enjoy.

You know what the main problem with He-Man is? It’s that it’s 2016, and the main character is still named “He-Man.” That’s a pretty major hurdle to leap.


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