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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoilers include McG talking Terminator Salvation, Orci and Kurtzman talking Star Trek, Transformers 2 comics hints and Dragonball insights. Plus a startling Terminator: SCC clip! And spoilers for Caprica, Lost, Fringe and Smallville.


Terminator Salvation:

Talking to Wired, director McG explains that Moon Bloodgood's character represents a glimmer of goodness amongst the ruins. When Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) arrives in 2018, everything is destroyed. "Yet he finds kindness in an old woman who gives him food, the courage of a young boy and the warmth of a woman, played by Moon Bloodgood," says McG.


Also, the whole third act of the movie is about whether we can trust technology: "John Connor has got to trust Marcus.... The fundamental mythology of the film is that John Connor and Marcus Wright have got to keep Kyle Reese alive so he can go back in time to impregnate Sarah Connor, to give birth to John Connor who will save us all from the tyranny of Skynet." [Wired]

Star Trek:

Co-writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman talk more about the characters. All the cool characteristics of Kirk — his brilliance, his distaste for any authority other than his own, his improvisation, his fearlessness and his libido — will all be in the new Kirk, even though he's the lump of clay that will later become a great starship captain. Also, we'll see right away how Bones and Kirk became friends, and how Bones developed a grudging respect for Spock. But it sounds like they see Bones as the one who steps in when the great opposites of Kirk and Spock come into conflict. (I'm paraphrasing slightly) [Sci Fi Wire]

Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen:

The last issue of the movie's prequel comic is out, and it includes a few hints for the movie. Like, the U.S. military has a fragment of the Allspark, and they're keeping it in a containment unit which looks a lot like this mysterious picture. Some new Autobots have received the beacon call Optimus Prime sent out in the first movie, and we meet Sideswipe, Arcee and the ice cream truck. The company McClaren Robotics, featured in the new movie, is a U.S. government front for cleaning up all evidence of alien presence in the aftermath of the Transformers' fight scenes. And at the end of the comic, Optimus calls for the team to go to Shanghai, and you can see Demolishor on the monitor. [TFW2005]



Lord Piccolo actor James Marsters, once again, shows an amazing mastery of the source material. And he stresses this is based on Dragonball, not Dragonball Z. So we're seeing an older, slightly more decrepit Lord Piccolo who's looking for the dragonballs so he can wish himself young again. And Marsters mentions once again that he really pushed the makeup artist to make him look older as Piccolo, to the point where the makeup artist hit him. [IGN]


Also, Sci Fi Wire visited the set during filming and watched a scene in the Dragon Temple, a stone crater surrounded by towers, stairways and arches, with lots of dragon carvings. Master Roshi and Goku, wearing his yellow martial-arts gi, square off against Lord Piccolo, who wears black armor. Master Roshi is on the ground and Goku is on all fours. Lord Piccolo approaches to finish them off, but Goku gets up and tries to punch Piccolo in the face. Piccolo parries. [Sci Fi Wire]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

A major male character will die in the season finale (please, not Derek!). And as Thomas Dekker already said, one of John Connor's women will leave him and one will betray him. (I guess the woman in John's life who was going to die was Riley.) [EW]


Here's your first clip from tomorrow night's episode. I really do not like the look on Beastwizard's face when he says we can change the rules. [Fox]


Star Esai Morales says the Adamas' home planet, Tauron, is like a mixture between Latin America and Iran: the state is more paternal, restrictive and repressive. The Adamas are immigrants trying to make good in Caprica. Meanwhile, Amanda Graystone is "left holding the bag" as the men try to deal with their grief in the wake of the train bombing. Amanda is a "control freak," says actor Paula Malcomson. [E! Online]



The "bizarro" "left field" pairing of Sawyer and Juliet will continue for the rest of the season, says E!'s Jennifer Godwin. (Why am I the only one who likes those two as a couple?) Meanwhile, not only will Jack not get much time with Juliet, but he probably won't hook up with Kate again. Sawyer and Kate, meanwhile, get under each other's skin, but not "in each other's pants." As for Sun and Jin, they won't be reunited until close to the end of the season — but word is, that wedding in the finale is a flashback to their wedding. [E! Online]


Juliet's situation is "murky," but she will definitely appear on Lost next year. Meanwhile, the season finale's big death is not what people will be talking about the next day. [EW]


So that casting call for a sixty-something white man, which we ran a while back, was indeed the mysterious William Bell, who is Dick Cheney crossed with Bill Gates. We meet him in the season finale, but the groundwork is laid in the April 21 episode, written and directed by Akiva "I Am Legend" Goldsman, where Olivia discovers some of the horrific things Walter got up to. She has terrifying dreams of people dying, and then when she wakes up, she realizes it's been happening for real. At the episode's climax, hordes of people are on a Manhattan rooftop about to plunge to their deaths. (Is there a great big threatening button?) [TV Guide]



The Clark-Doomsday fight will be ginormous. [EW]


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