McFarlane Toys Is Making Awesome But Baffling Walking Dead Lego Sets

Why are they awesome? Because they look incredible — check out the Daryl Dixon Lego-style construction set above, complete with Walkers, zombie pieces, and incredibly detailed grass and roadway! The other sets are even cooler. And yet, upon closer inspection, these things make no damn sense at all.

As Topless Robot point outs, no matter how these things look, the versatility of these sets is about nil. What can you do with Daryl's small section of road? Build a slightly more vertical section of road? The prison tower set is even worse:


So you can build a tower or... a tollbooth and a shed? If you have no other options of things to construct, why bother to make them construction toys?

Now, you can argue that the sets are clearly Lego-compatible underneath their realistic cover pieces, and that's true. So that might give you a few options... assuming you have enough Lego bricks that won't clash horribly with the McFarlane construction sets' design. Don't see what I mean? Okay. How many things do you think you could build with the prison set and, say, this?

Or more specifically, what could you build by combining the two sets without it looking like the crap McFarlane was trying to avoid in the first place? If you're going to focus on realism so much that your construction toy sets are visually and thematically incompatible with Legos, why bother to make them physically compatible to Legos?!


Maybe as more sets come out some of these problems will diminish, but for now I can't see why folks would prefer to buy these over the action figures. Head over to Nerdist for more pics and a sneak peak at the Governor's office set, which also looks amazing, natch.

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