McDonalds has made a huge mistake. The fast-food chain just revealed its new Adventure Time Happy Meal line, which conveniently cut out all the female characters. But don't worry girls, McDonald's also has some Paul Frank crap that's pink because Adventure Time is for boys, apparently.

McDonalds has been making gender-centric Happy Meal toys forever, but this time they've gone too far. On January 17th the burger juggernaut will be gifting Adventure Time toys with each Happy Meal purchase. And as you can see from the toys available, all the girl characters were deemed unworthy of a toy (or any mention at all). Where is Lumpy Space Princess, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Tree Trunks, and more importantly WHERE IS PRINCESS BUBBLEGUM?

This is terrible. And, quite honestly, an affront to the very thing that Adventure Time represents. This is a show that had no problem gender swapping the main characters, and did it with panache. The food franchise has offered up a lot of pink Paul Frank merchandise (like a journal) as the girl option. No, thanks. We demand a Fiona and Cake collectable.


[via Serious Eats]