McAdams Denies Black Cat Rumors, So Internet Moves On To Jula Stiles

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This is hilarious. Rachel McAdams made a statement that she was not in Spider-Man 4, and the Internet's collective response was akin to "Lalalalala I can't hear you." Then the news sites promptly started cranking out Julia Stiles Spider-Man rumors.


Entertainment Weekly caught McAdams briefly to chat about the rumor that she will be the new Black Cat in Sam Raimi's Spider-man 4.

"That's a total rumor, I have to say…I was hanging out in Toronto the other day and someone came up to me and said, ‘I just heard you're doing Spider-Man 4.‘ And I said, ‘Really? No one told me!' It's not true."


And just about every site reporting the denial is insisting that well, McAdams may have had some discussion about Spider-Man 4 at some point in her life so... yeah. But even if we have to give up on McAdams, there's no need to panic in the resulting news vacuum: the web is ablaze with a new rumor, this time Julia Stiles. Turns out UGO has sources that says Julia Stiles contacted a New York casting company about a role in Spider-Man 4.

Now before we get all upset about the prospect of Save The Last Spider-Dance For Me, let's just remember: She contacted a casting company about it. So it's a possibility not the truth. We still have no idea who the Black Cat will be, but there seems to be a consensus that she is in the film.

Oh and while we're at it, here's Will Ferrell's audition for Black Cat as well, thanks Jake:

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J.D. Buffington, we have a buxom villain, notorious for having the hots for Spidey...and in the last film, which I still think would have been a fine endcap of a trilogy if they had just omitted Venom entirely*, they introduced Gwen Stacey to complicate Pete's love life. Now we're going to do that...AGAIN...with a villainess. Okay. Pete's life is complicated. But is Sam just rehashing 3's dilemmas in an effort to remake 3? *I love Venom, but he was handled poorly and just made a crowded scene, 3 should have ended with the bell-tower scene and Venom should have been the sole-villain in the next go round. #spiderman