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MC Frontalot's new Spoiler Alert video is the freaky action movie of your dreams

Illustration for article titled MC Frontalots new Spoiler Alert video is the freaky action movie of your dreams

MC Frontalot's song "Spoiler Alert" is all about giving away the plot to your favorite movies (and real life), so it's hilarious that the song's brilliant video is spoiler-proof. There's no way to explain this story of bears with jetpacks.

I seriously have no idea what the storyline of this video is, but that just makes it a million times better. And really, the video is the perfect counterpart to the song — not only should we care less about spoilers, we should demand storylines worth spoiling! Preferably involving genetically engineered bears with jetpacks eating ice cream and battling fighter jets. Because nerdcore hip hop demands it. [via BoingBoing]


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Ghost in the Machine

In case it wasn't clear, there really are a lot of spoilers in the song.


* Psycho

* The Crying Game

* Planet of the Apes

* Fight Club

* Harry Potter

* Murder on the Orient Express

* Watchmen

* Bambi

* The Neverending Story

* Old Yeller

* The Lion King

* King Kong

* Medea

* The Titanic

* Moby Dick

* Alice in Wonderland

* The Bible


So you have been warned.