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Maybe We'll Get That Supergirl / Flash Crossover After All!

Illustration for article titled Maybe Well Get That iSupergirl / Flash /iCrossover After All!

Executives for CBS’s Supergirl have said that they’ll never cross the DC heroine over with CW’s The Flash or Arrow, but according to Bleeding Cool, they might be changing their minds.


The site has reported that there are rumors brewing that should Supergirl be picked up for the remainder of a full season (the back nine episodes), we could see a crossover:

Bleeding Cool has been told by a reliable source to expect Supergirl to meet the Flash and the STAR Labs crew from her fellow show by May’s sweeps week, if CBS orders the last episodes of Supergirl.


Take this with a huge grain of salt to begin with, but the possibility is a pretty cool one. The CW folks have already been crossing over all their shows, as well as NBC’s cancelled Constantine.

[Bleeding Cool]

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Bring Back Duckman!

The CW’s strengths is that people can watch their shows next day streaming. CBS has forgotten that same people who would generally watch Supergirl are about the same demographic as the CW’s comic book shows. I tried watching a CBS stream once and it required a login. Supergirl’s ratings may be better than your typical CW show, but CBS has to up its game to reach the hearts and minds of the audience they’re not getting.

I’m up for a Flash/Supergirl crossover. It’s certainly possible considering the former show is all about crossing worlds.