The first official Godzilla trailer with actual movie footage was released today — and already we think we're spotting a whole lot more than just Godzilla. See for yourself!

It's no big secret that the Godzilla reboot would have additional Kaiju. Director Gareth Edwards has long been teasing the idea of multiple monsters: "I'd like to see a Godzilla movie where there are other creatures. And I'm the director of the film, so make of that what you will." And now it looks as though he got his wish.

The brand new trailer is full of what look like potential Kaiju sightings. HOWEVER, while we know that Toho productions gave Legendary Pictures the rights to Godzilla, we do not know if they gave up the rights to other classic Toho monsters. So while something may look like Rodan, it may not actually legally be called Rodan. Then again, Toho is also distributing this new reboot in Japan, so we're not sure why they would shoot themselves in the foot like that. They could have granted Legendary Pictures rights to all the monsters, but kept the actual roster secret for now, to make it a surprise when the time comes.


And since everybody is being mum on which kaiju are making cameos, let's try and break down the new clues ourselves with some screencaps and GIFs.

Bryan Cranston has a voice over. He says: "You are not fooling anybody when you say that what happened was a natural disaster. You're LYING. It was not an earthquake. It wasn't a typhoon...."

The first sign of trouble? Possibly two smaller Kaiju causing trouble in the dust?

Cranston continues, "Because what's really happening is that you're hiding something out there." Cut to a scene of a top secret bunker in the middle of the desert, wait is the government hiding another Kaiju besides Godzilla (who appears to be living in the ocean as is canon).

Cut to mass destruction on the Vegas strip.

UPDATE: Some folks are claiming they've spotted The Shobijin in the above image. MAAAAYBE. There are definitely two figures in this crushed building, but they wouldn't be tiny.

The Shobijin are two (usually very small) priestesses or fairies that accompany Mothra. And they can call Mothra over great distances. Does that mean one of these big bads is Mothra? Or is this just a shout out? Either way THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING.

The New York, New York Statue of Liberty in Vegas is DESTROYED.

Looks like this bit of dialogue is being delivered from a makeshift quarantine. "And it is going to send us back to the stone age."

Water is parting to reveal a Godzilla spike!

The alleged "typhoon" we assume.

"God help us all." You said it, Cranston.

A different man interjects, "In 1954 we awakened something. Over shots of the jungle. However these soldiers aren't wearing tactical gear from 1954. And you can see when they find the goo-covered object (what is this goo) they are wearing modern day camo and have modern day gear. Perhaps whatever they are stumbling on is a relic from 1954?

Two people are talking, one is clearly Ken Watanabe. The other, we're not certain... yet.

They explain that Godzilla has been on this Earth longer than anyone knows.

- "Those nuclear tests in the Pacific.... Not tests."

- "They were trying to kill it."

And show a Godzilla-bustering nuke. With a sign on it in case anyone got confused.

Godzilla back roughing up the South Pacific.

The big bomb, harkening back to the original. Nice touch. And possibly what kept him quiet, until now.

Secret train bombs headed to a firefight on the horizon?

I'm gonna be honest: I have no idea. One super obscure guess is eggs? Or a tentacle? I really have no clue. Some people are speculating that these are MUTO eggs from a kind of spider-like smaller kaiju.

OK, now we're getting to the "other" monster shots. Something with wings comes careening straight down out of the sky. Along with a bunch of jets hurling to the ground along with it.

Here it is plunging into the ocean.

Lots of folks are speculating that this could be Rodan. And those are the tips of its wings entering the Ocean. So that would be a swimming and flying Rodan... which (EDIT) has totally happened before AND can happen again! (Thanks for pointing it out friends).

But if you notice, the angle of the plunge is different from the shot with the flying Kaiju and the falling jets. Because one is on (possibly European shores from the looks of the public toilet) and the other is clearly aboard a Naval ship. So perhaps this isn't the same monster? Then again if you look into the horizon you can see the ships, so this might be just different angles. Or maybe one shot is in California (see below). Either way... a swimming Rodan? EDIT: San Francisco HAS public toilets JUST LIKE THIS. Thanks guys you really DO know everything. Looks like this is all going down in California.

Juliette Binoche looks worried on the other side of the glass. Cranston looks horrified. We saw a bit more of this scene at last year's Comic-Con. I assume she is his sweetie.

Inside the rib cage of an unnamed Kaiju.

Jets fall from the sky around a busted Golden Gate Bridge.

Onto the next monster (assuming the previous flying monster isn't linked to this claw, we suspect it isn't). This Kaiju has a talon-like claw. That lights up and causes tons of damage.

Our best guess? A really sexy version of Gigan. The half cyborg Kaiju. This is a shot-in-the-dark, as the only thing we're basing this assumption on is its lasers and claw-like arms. It could be a wholly original beast as well. Or one of the spider-like kaijus we reported on earlier.

And we end with a shot of the new Godzilla's face.

OK — what did I miss?