Maybe The Best Reason To Write Science Fiction

"Let me tell you why I write. I can watch E.T. or listen to Bob Marley and the Wailers, or eat sashimi with wasabi and soy sauce and that stuff seems to be grated radish, and just be grateful that I frequently have the money to avail myself of them and happen to live in a world where such things exist; but when I finish reading a fine book - The Shining say, or MacDonald's A Deadly Shade of Gold, or Amis's Girl, 20 - I'm left with an uneasy feeling that simply having paid my three dollars wasn't enough. Like the primitive cargo cults who built straw replicas of the airplanes they see flying past overhead, I want to express my gratitude by doing it too. I suppose if I were a distiller I'd feel this way when I tasted Laphroaig or Wild Turkey or Plymouth gin." — Tim Powers, from the Afterword to the 1986 edition of Forsake The Sky.


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J.D. Buffington

I write because the universes in my head beckon to be the space in my skull isn't enough. They must be set free, even if no one else enjoys them as I do, at least I have given them life on the written page.