Max Headroom Finally Coming To DVD!

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A major injustice is about to be redressed.The ground-breaking cyberpunk TV series Max Headroom is finally coming out on DVD — and the extras may include the original British short film 20 Minutes Into The Future.


You may finally be able to throw away your VHS copies of Max, which probably have sentient entities growing on them at this point. Shout! Factory has scored the rights to do a complete box set, including all 14 episodes as well as unspecified extras. Home Media Magazine reports:

"Max Headroom" starred Matt Frewer as a reporter whose mind is downloaded into a computer to create a virtual clone who exists in the digital world. Amanda Pays, Jeffrey Tambor and W. Morgan Sheppard also star in the series, which ran for 14 episodes on Cinemax and ABC in 1987 and 1988. Set in the near future, "Max Headroom" depicted a world of television run amok.

Shout! Factory has a "Max Headroom" complete-series DVD set slated for August, according to a spokesperson. Episodes are being transferred from their original elements to provide the best quality, and Shout! Factory is planning a robust range of extras for the set. Bonus content may include the original U.K. telefilm 20 Minutes Into the Future, upon which the series is based, though nothing has been confirmed. Max Headroom also appeared in a series of Coca-Cola commercials in the 1980s, raising speculation such content may also be fodder for bonus material, but Shout! Factory said planning the extras is in the early stage.


[Home Media Magazine, thanks Javi!]

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Errrr.... should I sell my Max Headroom laserdiscs or hang on to them?