Max Barry has been posting his weird improvised titanium-body-parts epic Machine Man on his website, a page at a time, and now a production company has optioned it. Mandalay Pictures will develop the story and then shop it to studios.

We wrote about Machine Man a while back, and its odd story of a guy who literally reinvents himself by lopping off body parts and replacing them with machine bits intrigued us with its blend of Tetsuo and slapstick. So we're intrigued by the idea of a Machine Man movie, and it's interesting that Barry has sold the movie rights before the book comes out in print (in 2011) and, for that matter, possibly before he's even finished writing it.


According to Variety, Barry's novel Company was already optioned by Universal. And his classic novel Jennifer Government was picked up by Warner Bros., with George Clooney and Stephen Soderbergh producing. (Although Barry says on his blog that the Warner Bros. deal "didn't work out," sadly.) I can literally think of no other novelist whose works I'd be more excited to see filmed. Okay, maybe Jim Munroe. But that's it. [Variety]

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