At Last, Hollywood Finds A Clever New Spin On Superhero Origins

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Matthew Vaughn may be done with the X-Men, and Kick-Ass, but that doesn't mean he's done with comics movies. In fact, he's producing the new movie adaptation of Mark Millar's Superior — a story about a boy with multiple sclerosis who has the chance to become a superhero, if he gives up his soul.

Heat Vision is reporting that Vaughn is set to produce Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu's Superior comic into a feature film for Fox. This will make the fourth collaboration between Vaughn and Millar, after the two Kick-Ass films and Secret Service.

Right now they're looking for writers to adapt the work. This is just one in a long line of Millar comic book films being worked on at Fox. They've also got The Secret Service, Nemesis, Starlight, and Kindergarten Heroes lined up as well. Should be a fairly violent few years for Fox.


Here's a quick rundown of the comic:

Simon Pooni, an angry, bitter 12-year-old boy suffering from multiple sclerosis, idolizes superheroes, particularly Superior, a Superman analogue. An alien monkey named Ormon appears at Simon's bedside, informing the boy that of all the people on Earth, he has been granted the honor of being bestowed a single magic wish. Simon is then transformed into Superior.

After playing the role of Superior for a week, he learns that Ormon is actually a demon incarnate, and he must sell his soul to the devil in order to remain as Superior. He is given 24 hours to decide, and is returned to his old body. The demon approaches an old bully of Simon, and offers him a similar wish, to become Superior's fictional nemesis, Abraxas; the only caveat is that he must pledge himself to Satan. Simon must then choose whether to become Superior again and save the planet from imminent destruction at the cost of his own soul.

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I've haven't gotten around to reading it, but I've heard really good stuff about Superior.

Apparently it's a genuinely uplifting and non-cynical superhero story that stars a Superman expy. So sort of a throwback to Millar's Superman Adventure stories:

I've also at least enjoyed all the Matthew Vaughn movies I've seen, so this project already sounds quite promising to me.