Matthew McConaughey In (Evil) Talks To Be The Stand's Randall Flagg

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Jesus. Sometimes, a movie casts a role so perfectly you have to stop and give it a round of applause. So get ready to clap, because the movie adaptation of Stephen King's The Stand may cast Matthew McConaughey as the evil man in black, Randall Flagg


McCounaughey's been rumored for the role for a while now, but The Guardian said the casting is official — which they've since backed down on, only saying the actor is "tipped" to play the role. Still, this is way too perfect not to happen, people. One of Flagg's many names is The Walkin' Dude, which describes the laconic McConaughey to a T (I mean, he's a dude who walks too!). Anyone who's seen True Detective knows that the actor can channel the darkness required of the servant of evil, as well as the charisma needed to help start one of the post-apocalypse's two civilizations.

Now that The Stand has a confirmed director in Josh Boone and an actual plan to be made in four movies, hopefully they'll move on to official casting soon — and this should be the first contract they get signed. It's just too perfect.

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