Matt Smith shares his ideal TARDIS vacation and teases Doctor Who's 50th birthday bash

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Matt Smith arrived at Comic-Con yesterday ready to answer fans' silly (and not so silly) questions on everything from his favorite colored Dalek to time-travel vacations. He also promised some fun surprises for Doctor Who's 50th anniversary.


Smith sat on this year's TV Guide fan favorites panel, along with other "fan favorite" actors – Nestor Carbonell and Jorge Garcia from Lost, Zachary Levi from Chuck, Johnny Galecki from The Big Bang Theory, and Kristin Bauer van Straten and Nelsan Ellis from True Blood. The group took a variety of questions – most, appropriately, from the fans.

Moderator (and TV Guide editor-in-chief) Debra Birnbaum asked everyone on the panel how they knew their character was a fan favorite. For Smith of course, the character of the Doctor was already popular; it was a question of how fans would respond to his interpretation. "For me," he said, "it's been quite remarkable to jump into something that has such a legacy and a fan base. But being here now and seeing this as a response has been overwhelming, and I guess now I can say that it is truly popular."

Later, he elaborated, "It was bizarre, really, because nobody had any clue who I was, and David [Tennant] was hugely popular. It was daunting, but I guess it was a good pressure." He expressed his admiration for Tennant and Christopher Eccleston's incarnations of the Doctor, but said that his personal favorite is actually the Second Doctor, played by Patrick Troughton. He aims to bring something of Troughton's Doctor to his version of the character. "What's great is, when you're the Doctor and you walk into a room, you're always the smartest person in the room, which lets you be the stupidest person in the room. It's very liberating for an actor. It lets you do some silly stuff."

He was a bit serious and a bit silly in answering fan questions. When a young lady dressed as a Dalek asked him what color Dalek he would want to be, he replied, "I really like that stone ones [from the episode "The Big Bang"] that have all faded away. But you know, I really like purple – a purple Dalek. But probably a stone one." When another fan asked where and when he would go if he had access to a TARDIS, he said, "There's two: I would go to Atlantis and see if that's just going down. And I'd go see the dinosaurs, but I'd pick up Frank Sinatra on the way."

Smith also revealed his lasting legacy to the series: the Eleventh Doctor's tweed jacket. When one fan asked him whether he had any say in his character's style, Smith answered, "Quite a lot, actually. I had this tweed jacket I used to wear. I actually started in a long leather jacket [when we started filming] – which was a bit awkward – and one day I brought in this tweed jacket. And I couldn't wear it anymore – that's actually where the bowtie came from. And – spoiler alert – in the next episode, I'm wearing a new coat and I get a new hat." Said tweed jacket was likely a far cry from the acid wash denim jacket he wore to the panel.

He says the eighth episode, "Let's Kill Hitler," is his favorite so far. "There's a great monster, which is important." He also teased that there are some great River moments ahead, as well as some great interactions between River and the Doctor.


And when one fan asked if the Eleventh Doctor might encounter Captain Jack Harkness, Smith didn't rule out the possibility. "It's the 50th year coming up, so maybe." He said that he and Steven Moffat have tossed around some ideas for the big anniversary – and suggested that there might be room for some additional Doctors when the time comes.



This seems like the appropriate place to ask a question that occured to me the other day.

The last few Doctors have given their/his age to be in the 900 year range pretty explicitly, right?

So if Rory the Roman remembers 2000 years of being an Auton, that mean he remembers and has lived almost double the Doctor's timespan, right? The Doctor is just a pup compared to Rory "the Nose" Williams!

Just something to think about, I suppose.

Also I would put forth that one thing that the Eleventh Doctor certainly has in common with the Second is their/his foxy foxy companions. Polly, and Victoria, and (my personal favorite) Zoe, and Amy Pond. Nice.