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Matt Smith Denies Dumb, Made-Up Rumor That He's Returning to Doctor Who

Cast your mind back to last week, when we reported on the absolutely ridiculous (and very not true) rumor that Peter Capaldi could be replaced by his predecessor Matt Smith as The Doctor. Well, a week later, it’s still absolutely ridiculous and very not true, which has been confirmed by Matt Smith himself.


The original report from British tabloid The Mirror was essentially a mish-mash of quotes from outgoing showrunner Steven Moffat and Smith across various recent interviews, which both acknowledged that Smith still missed his time on Doctor Who. For no discernable reason, the report then jumped to a conclusion that would take even the TARDIS a good deal of time to traverse, it was that vast: somehow this all hinted that Peter Capaldi would exit the series in a ‘degeneration’ that would see Smith return to the role.


Pretty goddamn stupid, right?

Well, apparently that stupidity was not enough to stop the report from reaching Matt Smith, who swiftly and firmly denied it any veracity in a web interview with The Guardian:

No it’s not true. I miss everything. I miss Steven, I miss Karen, I miss Arthur, I miss Jenna. I miss time travelling. And I miss my friends in Cardiff.

But onward goes the march. It’s Peter’s Tardis now. And I love what he does. So I watch as a fan.

So there you have it. Shocking.

[Via Radio Times]


James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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Azure Lore - Hope Rides Alone

This is the same thing we go through every regeneration. Matt Smith says he regrets leaving, David Tennant said he regrets leaving, ok, I don’t think Christopher Eccleston actually regretted leaving but you all get the picture. Being the Doctor is awesome. You get the part, you play it, you leave when you feel your time in the part is up and then you look back at all the fun you had being the Doctor and you miss it (especially so in Matt Smith’s case seeing as how his acting career after Doctor Who hasn’t really taken off). The fans miss the Doctor they’re familiar with, the one they grew up watching or their first Doctor. They’d love for an excuse to have them back for more than just a sub-par 50th anniversary special that really was more about hyping the end to a clusterfuck storyline that the showrunner dragged on for far too long rather than celebrating such a momentous milestone in media. We all want to cling onto these hopes that “hey, it’s a show about time travel, why can’t a previous Doctor show up for another season of adventures?”. It’s because while it’s a show about time travel, time still moves for us in the real world. Look back at the 50th special. It was brilliant seeing David Tennant again. But it was like looking through a broken lens. He looked older, more frayed and weary around the edges. That spark that he had during his time as the Tenth Doctor was still there, but it was much dimmer. And as time goes by that spark only grows weaker. This is true for all Doctors. So while it would be nice to see Eleven bouncing around the universe again in his fez and bowtie or Ten running into more obscure Bad Wolf references, that time has past and we don’t have a TARDIS to go back to it. The best we’ve got is DVDs, Netflix, and memories.