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Matt Smith confirms he'll still be starring in Doctor Who in 2014

Illustration for article titled Matt Smith confirms hell still be starring in emDoctor Who/em in 2014

There have been tons of rumors about Matt Smith leaving the role of the Doctor, that ageless, mercurial time traveler, on Doctor Who at the end of this year. In the 50th anniversary special, or the Christmas special after that. But now it's official: He's on board for season eight.


In the latest issue of the British magazine Radio Times, Matt Smith confirms that he'll stick around next year — although it's not 100 percent clear that he'll be there for all of the eighth season, but it seems likely. So those of us who want to see Smith continue to find new dark folds and permutations in his giddy portrayal of the Time Lord can relax, and rejoice. [Life Doctor Who and Combom]

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Okay, not I'll admit I missed a few episodes so someone might have to fill me in, but... Didn't we see a future version of the Doctor get killed (properly killed) by River Song? And that it was supposedly some sort of "fixed" point in time that couldn't be messed with? And he was still the current incarnation of the Doctor. So doesn't that mean there can't be another incarnation of the Doctor between "now" and "then"? Or did that just all get magically made better later on?