Matt Damon Vs. Chinese Monsters Movie The Great Wall Gets an Appropriately Epic New Trailer

The new international trailer for Zhang Yimou’s The Great Wall runs nine minutes and has no subtitles, so unless you’re multilingual you will mostly only be able to understand Matt Damon’s dialogue. However, you only need eyeballs to appreciate all the insanely lavish costumes, weapons, and battle scenes.

The Great Wall, which also stars Jing Tian, Pedro Pascal, Willem Dafoe, and Andy Lau, is out February 17, 2017.

[Comic Book Movie]

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Yes, this is exactly what we need at this moment in history: A movie where a flawless white man uses a giant wall to protect us from inhuman foreign monsters (while grateful, obideint people of color cheer him on; it’s okay, they’re the good ones.)