Matt Damon Does Even More Science in Deleted Scene From The Martian

If you didn’t get enough of Matt Damon’s Mark Watney sciencing the shit out of his accidental home in the feature cut of The Martian (and to be honest, we could always watch more), here’s an entry from Watney’s video diary that didn’t make it into the film.


/Film notes that, with all of the additional footage for The Martian that isn’t in the film itself, we could end up seeing a director’s cut from Ridley Scott when The Martian comes out on home media. For now, we’ll just enjoy Watney teasing his colleagues as he struggles to survive on Mars.

[via /Film]

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Maybe they will give it the Blade Runner treatment and put out a new version with an extra 17 seconds of footage every few years.