Matt Damon and Jodie Foster take you inside the worlds of Elysium

If you're as hungry for Elysium news as we are, you'll appreciate this short featurette which includes a bit of new footage, but also features director Neil Blomkamp explaining what inspired him to make the movie, Matt Damon discussing how terrible Earth is and Jodie Foster revealing a rather important detail about her character.


That detail? Her Elysium commander was born on Earth. I assume this means she was born before Elysium was constructed, since the lack of social mobility between Earth and the space station seems to be a pretty important element of the movie. Still, having seen Earth's crappiness firsthand gives her a better reason for wanting to keep Elysium "uninfected" with Earth's troubles (and peoples), as opposed to just being Evil Rich White Lady.

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Still doesn't make any sense. We have now seen 2 of these miracle cancer machines in peoples homes in Elysium, yet back on earth not one in the major city hospital. There is still medical care be given to the poor as we see pills being dispensed and the little girl dying in the hospital bed on earth. Sure the machines might be expensive, but even the substandard health care they give to a dying patient over 6 months, would cost them more than a 30 second ride in the cancer machine.