Master Mind Will Rewrite The Superhero Movie Genre

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Ignore Watchmen's tired take on revisionist superheroes. We're looking to Ben Stiller to provide us with a revolutionary take on the superhero movie genre with the upcoming animated supervillain tale Master Mind that he's producing for his Madagascar director, Tom McGrath. Don't bother with the whole "superhero parody" label; they're killing the superhero off at the start of the movie.Stiller told MTV:

The idea is that Uberman, who is the big hero of the city, dies, and Master Mind is left without someone to be evil to. He sort of loses his sense of what his purpose in life is, so he has a midlife crisis of sorts. And he falls in love. It’s dealing with the emotional life of a supervillain.


Okay, we'll admit it - It kind of reminds us of Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog as well, albeit one where Captain Hammer dies and Penny is more likely to - spoiler warning - make it to the end of the movie, but still: We're hopeful about the project, nonetheless. After all, Robert Downey Jr. is providing the voice of Master Mind, and we'll happily listen to him do anything (within reason). Also, the subject of the love lives of supervillains is ripe for investigation, but also almost as old as modern supervillainy itself. After all, didn't Marvel's Mole Man turn to the Earth Threatening game because he kept getting turned down for dates? We rest our case - and look forward to seeing what this Anti-Incredibles has to offer. Ben Stiller’s Animated ‘Master Mind’ Shifts Robert Downey Jr. From ‘Iron Man’ Hero To Supervillain [MTV Splash Page]

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What's some indie superhero schtick have to do with the Mole Man?