This week, 91 wind turbines in the ocean will begin powering hundreds of thousands of Danish homes. And the beautiful wind farm is also a vacation spot: People can rent hotel rooms on a nearby ocean platform. Eco-sea tourism?

The farm is called Horns Rev 2, and was commissioned by the Danish utility Dong Energy.


The farm is spread over 35 kilometers, and generates 209 megawatts - enough to power 200,000 homes, Dong Energy estimates.


Made by German company Siemans, the 91 turbines, combined with labor and setup, cost $1 billion.

Here is the platform where tourists can stay - the hotel is the boxy container on the right. It will also house 24 on-site workers for maintenance. According to the New York Times:

Andris Piebalgs, the European Union energy commissioner, said on Monday that a study by the European Wind Energy Association showed offshore wind could be the dominant source of employment in the sector in Europe by 2025, providing 200,000 jobs.


And here is what the farm looked like during construction.