Illustration for article titled Massive Gallery Of Daybreakers Newly Evolved Vampires

The entire gallery of our future vampire selves from Daybreakers has been released in sexy high quality. It's so real you can almost see the chunks of human flesh between their mangled teeth.


Daybreakers, which comes out in theaters January 8th, is set in the future, when almost all humans have turned vampire. But with the increase in the vampire population comes the decrease in their food supply — in other words, the vampires are running out of humans. The shortage of human blood has lead to heavy dilution in the vampire blood banks, and a slow and painful vampire evolution into the fanged ugly you see above. Now it's up to vampire scientist Ethan Hawke to buck the system and find a peace between vampires and the living.

Plus if you want a good scare check out Daybreakers latest evolution trailer. Warning, it's a little loud, but still pretty creative.

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