Massive Crabfort Crushes Your Landscape

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Guild Wars isn't really known for having a science fiction element to it, but this concept art shows off an extremely steampunked Crab Fort, lumbering across the horizon. Enormous cogs and gears are evident in the construction work that looks like something straight out of a psychotic version of Burning Man. Everyone is standing around fairly calmly, not paying much attention to the GIANT FREAKING WALKING CRAB VILLAGE!


Daniel Dociu of ArenaNet has worked on many pieces of award winning art, including the Crab Fort above, and the Fish Fort, which looks like it could be a great model for a drive through fish restaurant. He won two Master Awards from EXPOSÉ 4, one for Environment Design (the crab fort), and one for his Urban Canal which won in the Cityscape category. You'll get 'em both if you pick up the book from the showcase.

He was raised in Transylvania, worked as a toy designer for years, and now focuses on creating concept artwork for Guild Wars. If we can find proof that he's actually a vampire, he might officially the coolest concept artist haunting the halls of gaming companies to this day. The link below includes massive versions of the above artwork that make for perfect wallpapers. []

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Yeah, post-Searing Ascalon is pretty bleak. Once you get up into the Shiverpeaks, a mountain range covered in ice and snow, it'll change. Kryta and the Maguuma jungle are green, but more of the swamp and jungle motiff, as opposed to the temperate greenery of pre-Searing Ascalon.

And yes, the scenery improves in the subsequent games - if I recall correctly, the concept art is from Factions, which has a generally pan-Asian feel to it, with a little bit of gothic Black Forest Germany/Romania thrown in in the form of the Kurzicks, and some pirates as the Luxons (even though their sea has been turned into jade...)