Massive Attack Makes Blade Runner Melt Down

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Mixing 1980s SF dystopia with electronica, this year's Meltdown Festival in the UK will include a couple of performances that may be of interest to fans of Philip K. Dick, Ridley Scott or DJ-friendly orchestras. The annual festival, this year curated by Massive Attack, coffee-table favorites and creators of the House theme music. Plus the festival will give fans even a special one-off IMAX screening of Blade Runner: The Final Cut along with a hipper, younger version of the soundtrack.


As well as gigs by such disparate acts as Funkadelic, Elbow, Grace Jones and Terry Callier, the festival - running from the 14th to the 22nd of June in venues across London - will include a collaboration between the Heritage Orchestra and Massive Attack, performing Vangelis' complete soundtrack to Ridley Scott's 1982 adaptation of Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?.

The Heritage Orchestra, a 45-piece orchestra dedicated to blurring boundaries between musical genres, describe themselves as having a "unique approach [that integrates] the rules of jazz, electronica, DJ-Culture and contemporary-classical" and have previously worked with acts like Amon Tobin and Plaid. For the Meltdown performance, their music will be mixed live by Massive Attack who will, undoubtedly, be channeling the spirit of the synthesizer sound of the original into the evening.


Of course, if you'd rather hear something with more bass, don't worry; Adrian Sherwood's DJing the Stiff Little Fingers gig the next night. Limited tickets for the various events go on sale this Thursday, with a wide release the following day.


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Man you guys are being really harsh. This isn't like a Naruto Youtube video, its like going to see a symphony do music for a Classic Silent film. this is a one time show done for fans, by talented artists that clearly love the source. I've heard some wonderful takes on this soundtrack and like most amazing music from the Beatles to Beethoven it can be done by others quite well.

If I have one complaint its that I didn't see UNKLE's name anywhere up there.