Mass Effect Will Save All The Wacky Aliens From Extinction In The Movies

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Commander Shepherd and the herd of intergalactic alien races from the video game Mass Effect are headed to the big screen. According to the trades, Bio-Ware's action role-playing game is rumored to be optioned by Avi Arad (producer of Spider-Man and X-Men). The story, which takes place in the year 2183 AD, touches on almost every single science fiction topic, from colonization of distant planets to inter-species mating. But the most important part is, we'll finally get to see all the crazy creatures from ME on the big screen.I'm hoping the movie fits in as many crazy alien races as possible, since both the game and the novels are loaded with lots of juicy characters to chose from. Mass Effect, the game, follows Commander Shepherd and his crew as they save alien species from the systematic eradication that a random species must face every 50,000 years from a pitiless mechanical foe. Finally, the news of Mass Effect being picked up as a movie seems to confirm the widespread suspicions that the sequel to the video game is right around the corner.


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Corpore Metal

I've played this game on a friend's XBox 360. One of the things I liked about the plot was all the political backstabbing and skulduggery that went on.

I have a suggestion for the plot of this movie. Keep the background but depart from the characters of the game and start a new plot within it.

It seemed like the Citadel's leaders had for centuries been using newly arrived, plucky, upstart species as tools to put down all the troubles caused by the previous plucky, upstart species that the Citadel used. I got the impression that humanity's "promotion," was merely a ploy to put us in a long line of tools.

What would be cool for a movie or a sequel of the game is to advance a few decades into the future and watch as the Citadel promotes a new plucky, upcoming species to put us down after we've become unmanageable for some reason.

The sequel to that would be after we've been put down. Humanity learns a little collective cultural humility and learns to get along in a universe where we are not the central actors on the stage of galactic politics.