Mass Effect: Andromeda Heads Into Deep Space in Its First Trailer

Illustration for article titled iMass Effect: Andromeda/i Heads Into Deep Space in Its First Trailer

That’s a really, really big alien over there, guys.

The biggest takeaway I get from watching this teaser the newest chapter in the beloved scifi video game franchise is that BioWare’s looking to make players feel more like explorers than in previous Mass Effect games. The support system of the Alliance is light years away; player character Ryder and crew seem to be on their own.


Mass Effect: Andromeda is due out next spring.

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I just hope it’s better than Mass Effect 3, which I still haven’t, and don’t really ever plan to. I’m a casual gamer - I play games for stories first, but tye gameplay has to be fun enough that it isn’t being an obstacle to my enjoyment of the story (I hate Heavy Rain because the gameplay and controls were awful) ME 3 was boring in both story and gameplay. The two main problems for me were:

1) In an attempt to make a game where you could essentially “skip the game” like you can skip the cutscene, the gameplay portions ended superfluous and pointless. Nothing could happen in them that was important because you could skip them - so all the story was in the cutscene. Like I said, story is my priority, but it still has to be a game.

2) The scene were you have to choose between the Get and Tali’s people (whose name I forget). Not only is the choice arbitrary and forced, but even though I had played my character as a total paragon, going so far as not romancing anybody in ME2 to stay faithful to Ashley, I could not access the third, logical option because Legion died in ME2. In a sequence where I had no control over who lives and who dies because the game gave you no hints of who to assign where - it was trial and error. If you’re going to railroad me, game, then be honest about it and don’t give me the illusion of choice.

Well, that turned into a rant. Huh. Anyway, anybody feels that way as well? Anybody wanna defend the game?- I’m open to reconsider my stance.