Masi Oka Admits Hiro's Powers Aren't That Exciting

Oh, the joys of learning that an actor is as awkward and charming as his on-air personality. Masi Oka was a guest on Late Night With Conan O'Brien the other night, and he got to play with his Heroes action figure to the point of destruction. He comes right out and admits that his action figure can't be that action-packed, since his only superpowers involve blinking and zapping through time and/or space. We love you, Masi — why can't you hook up with Daphne instead of Parkman?


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One problem with that show is that his powers ARE EXCITING. He's effectively a god. They just treat them like parlor tricks and spend half their time trying to prove that he can't change timelines and the other half sending people into the future so they can go back and change it. If Hiro were to ditch Ando and become a lone Hero he could run around doing whatever he wanted and shaping the world how he could see it. But no, its more fun having the guy get bonked on the head by Noble Black Men.