Marvel's Ultimate Line To Become More Heroic

Confirmed on today's Ultimate Universe panel at San Diego, Marvel's Ultimates line is beginning to look very like NBC's Heroes. With the exception of Brian Michael Bendis' Ultimate Spider-Man series, the entire line will be written by writers from NBC's hit show; Executive producer Jeph Loeb is already writing The Ultimates, while Aron Coleite will take on the final issues of Ultimate X-Men and his Heroes-writing partner Joe Pokaski will finish off Ultimate Fantastic Four, both series finishing as a result of November's Ultimatum mini-series.


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This is really depressing. The first issue of Ultimates 3 is possably the worst comic I have ever read, both on its own merits and as part of the larger line.

The art was the worst excesses of the 90's with none of the (few) saving graces.

The dialog and story was heavy handed with characterization that ignored all precedents both from the Ultimate and regular marvel universe.

And it completely ignored EVERYTHING that had come before. It makes no sense at all. AT ALL. Mr Loeb is obviously such a big shot he felt no need to read any of the first four trade paperbacks before sitting down to write the fifth. And death to anyone who suggests that he reads any of the other books whos characters he is stealing.