Marvel's Superheroes Are Teaming Up With Plush Toys for a Very Strange Comic

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This has to be one of the most recursive comic book announcements I’ve seen in a long time. Marvel has announced that it is bringing the insanely popular line of cutesy Marvel Tsum Tsum plush toys to its comics universe for a four-part miniseries. Let that just sink in for a moment... because what the what.

Let’s rewind for a moment. If you’re not familiar with Tsum Tsum, they are sausage-like renditions of popular characters from a variety of franchises which first appeared in a mobile phone puzzle game. They quickly became a line of collectible plush toys that people go nuts for. Seriously, these things sell like tiny plush hotcakes, and there’s Tsum Tsum based on Disney icons, Marvel heroes, and yes, Star Wars. If you’ve been to a Disney store in the past year or so, you’ve probably seen stacks of the little blighters on display, ready to be feverishly snapped up by the ardent Tsum Tsum fanbase.

To be fair, they *are* ridiculously cute.
To be fair, they *are* ridiculously cute.

Now, the Marvel’s cute little fluffballs have transitioned from game to plush toy to comic book heroes. Written by Jacob Chabot and with art from David Baldeon, Marvel Tsum Tsum will see a crate of Tsum Tsum—sentient Tsum Tsum, I might add, making this strangely horrifying— being shipped to The Collector (yeah, that guy Benicio Del Toro played in Guardians of the Galaxy), accidentally end up in the hands of a bunch of Brooklyn teenagers.

Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 cover art by Chris Samnee and Matt Wilson
Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 cover art by Chris Samnee and Matt Wilson

Eventually the Tsum Tsum meet up with their real heroic counterparts, but twist! The lil’ plushies think they’re the real heroes, and the actual heroes are just two-bit knockoffs, what with their fleshy appendages and general lack of fluffiness. So they team up and fight crime together, and it sounds so dumb but oh my god look at Ant-Man riding into battle on Tsum Tsum Ant-Man this is actually the best.

Marvel’s no stranger to toy tie-in comics, but these are Marvel toys, being put into a Marvel book, interacting with the characters they’re based on. It is as delightful as it is bloody weird. Marvel Tsum Tsum #1 hits shelves in August.



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