Marvel made a historic deal to put Spider-Man in its cinematic universe and now, out of CinemaCon, we know that his solo movie will officially be called Spider-Man: Homecoming. Yes, it is a pun.


The title references both the high-school age of Peter Parker and that the character has “come home” to Marvel. Unfortunately, it probably doesn’t mean that the main plot of the movie will be a popular girl trying to make over geeky Peter and take him to the homecoming dance in order to win a bet.

Sony flew star Tom Holland on their private jet from the Hollywood premiere of Captain America: Civil War to Vegas for the end of the presentation. The actor said the title was mostly about the fact Homecoming will explore Peter Parker attempting to embrace his true identity.


In another fun twist, the logo for Spider-Man: Homecoming has a very comic book, notebook-doodle vibe to it. Here it is via Hypable:

Illustration for article titled Marvels Spider-Man Movie Is Going to Be Called iSpider-Man: Homecoming/i

The film, directed by Jon Watts, opens July 7, 2017.

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