Image Credit: Marvel/Phil Noto
Image Credit: Marvel/Phil Noto

It’s obvious at this point that there is enough Rogue One footage not seen in the film to basically make a completely different film... or, as the case may be, to include as bonus material in ancillary Rogue One products for years to come. It sounds like Marvel’s upcoming comic adaptation of the film might be taking some of that material.

Marvel announced its adaptation of the film last week through Entertainment Weekly. It will be written by Jody Houser, with art by Emilio Laiso. But unlike the company’s recent (and rather underwhelming) comic adaptation of The Force Awakens, it sounds like the series, which seemingly evolved out of initial scrapped plans for a Rogue One prequel comic, will actually feature new story material that was not included in the film.


Whether the material is simply content that was cut from the film, re-integrated content, or perhaps even material that was planned for that prequel series, remains to be seen. But Marvel is touting “story details not seen in the film” for the comic, which suddenly makes it a much more intriguing prospect than a straight adaptation.

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