Marvel's releasing a Tron Legacy prequel comic that reveals the aftermath of Tron

Marvel Comics will fly its Mouse flag this October with TRON: The Betrayal, a two-issue miniseries that will explain what happened between Tron and December's Tron Legacy.

Here's the plot synopsis from Marvel's press release:

The storytelling picks up in the aftermath of Walt Disney Pictures' first film in its franchise TRON. Kevin Flynn is now in charge of Encom, the world's largest video game company. Kevin, a break-through game developer, has built the Grid, a digital world filled with living programs. This new virtual world is about to develop a life of its own and, in order to control it, Flynn's going to need to help of an old friend…named Tron.


TRON: The Betrayal is written by Jai Nitz (with plot courtesy of Starlight Runner Entertainment), penciled by Andie Tong, and features the above cover by Salvador Larroca.

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