Cover art by  David Nakayama.
Cover art by David Nakayama.

Oh god, a book featuring two of the brightest and happiest Inhuman characters teaming up with a guy who currently goes around making various parts of people’s bodies violently explode? This can only end brilliantly.


As part of its ongoing announcements of new Inhumans-based books for Marvel’s Ressurxion roster, Comic Book Resources has revealed a new Secret Warriors series written by Matthew Rosenberg and with art by Javier Garron. Eventually, the team—originally created in comics canon by Nick Fury Sr. as a crack team of superpowered SHIELD operatives working to fight back against Hydra—will incorporate non-Inhuman characters, but for now, it’s solely an Inhuman-staffed superteam. One that, according to Rosenberg, will try to accept the secret and public aspects of superheroism:

The Secret Warriors are a team that is being pulled in two directions at once. On one side is the clandestine spy element, represented by Quake. On the other is the superhero side, represented by Ms. Marvel. This book is sort of a tug of war between these two approaches — what is acceptable, what is necessary. Why do we need people flying around with capes on? What does that get us? And why do we need people operating in secrecy? How does that help? That will be their struggle as they try to answer those questions.

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It’s an unlikely combo, too. Spearheaded by original Secret Warriors member Daisy Johnson—a.k.a. Quake—the team will feature Ms. Marvel, Luna Lafayette and her best pal Devil Dinosaur, flame-slinging Inferno (currently part of the team in Uncanny Inhumans), and then, Karnak, the happy-go-lucky member of the Inhuman royal family who says chipper things like this:

Art from Karnak #1 by Gerardo Zaffino, words by Warren Ellis.
Art from Karnak #1 by Gerardo Zaffino, words by Warren Ellis.

Oh yes. Considering Karnak has kept the stripped-down redesign given to him in Warren Ellis’s current run on the fantastically brutal Karnak book, I kind of hope he continues to the the absurdly powerful badass he’s been in the series, using his powers to exploit “the flaw in all things” to beat the ever-loving crap out of people. That would be hilarious to see alongside characters like Moon Girl and Kamala Khan.


Secret Warriors is set to begin in Spring 2017.

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