Your New Captain America Is Sam Wilson

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Joe Quesada stopped by The Colbert Report (which at least makes more sense than The View) to announce that Sam Wilson will be taking over as Captain America.


The debut will be in October's All-New Captain America. with Wilson taking over at the request of the 90-year-old Steve Rogers. As for the opening left by Wilson leaving his Falcon wings for the shield, Stephen Colbert gave the exact answer you'd expect from him:

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He also has a new catchphrase to suggest: "Why did the Falcon cross the road? For Justice, motherfucker!"

The Marvel twitter account showed the first art of Wilson in costume:

Compared to the Thor announcement, this is a little less shocking: Sam Wilson has a long association with Captain America and many different people have taken the name over the years. This isn't like Thor, where the name hasn't gone with the powers before.


It's not even the first time Marvel's had a black Captain America — Isaiah Bradley has that honor. Not to downplay this at all, it's just that, on a scale of Internet apocalypses caused by comic book announcements, Thor won the week.

Video of the announcement as soon as we get it.



I'm unhappy with this headline.

From a continuity standpoint, and as you noted in the text, Sam Wilson taking on the shield isn't really that surprising or revolutionary. It's a natural evolution that is all about Sam as a hero who does what he must for his country. I get that it isn't as controversial to say, "Sam Wilson is the Next Captain America" and go from there. It's more clickbaity (and racebaity) to be all, OMG BLACK GUY CAPTAIN AMERICA OMG and let the games begin in the comments.

Everyone else will jump on the faux-controversy - whether for or against. I like io9 to be the guy that doesn't.