We've seen Tony Stark pop up in The Incredible Hulk and heard rumors about Bruce Banner's near-discovery of Captain America's frozen body, but is there a much more direct line between the movie versions of Iron Man and America's Favorite Star-Spangled Avenger? If you believe the men who wrote the first Iron Man movie, possibly maybe.MTV's Splash Page blog caught screenwriter Mark Fergus discussing Tony Stark's relationship with his father:

Certainly [Tony’s] relationship with his father is something we wanted to do a lot more of in this film, but again you had to pick and choose. [But] that relationship with his father and this person you only heard about in the first movie is going to be much more fully explored. Basically, Tony was a young adult or a teenager when his father died and that relationship will be played up in a lot of cool ways in other Marvel movies and also through… The relationship will definitely be explored a lot further.


The Splash Page bloggers are suggesting that the "other Marvel movies" reference may mean that Howard Stark, Tony's dad, was involved in the creation of the super-soldier serum that gave the world Captain America, but the timing may be slightly off for that given the WWII origin for Captain America. Me, I'm hoping that it's actually a hint that The Avengers is really going to be about Tony Stark's daddy issues while all the other superheroes stand around him, muttering awkwardly to themselves. Could Iron Man’s Father Be The Creator Of ‘Captain America’? [Splash Page]